Exceptional: Retour Denim Deluxe

May I introduce: Vintage Western Jeans Lounge… What sounds like one of the hottest fashion hotspots currently, is in reality a mix of subjects of latest collection of Dutch children’s fashion labels Retour Denim Deluxe. And based on the keywords you can imagine so, how colorful, versatile and exceptionally this season is…

Let’s look at the label for children’s fashion from Holland but take a closer look at: Trendy fashion for girls and boys, as far as the eye can see! Pants such as chinos and jeans, T -shirts in short and long sleeve format, dresses, skirts, jackets…

The theme of the collection is interpretation, and as I said very versatile: a pinch of ” Western Dandy” with rolled-up jeans in great washes and other robust Pieces in trendy vintage Colours for adventurous bullies, but also quite a lot of ” Ibiza Lounge ” for fashion-conscious little girl, which may revel in pastel colored chinos, skinny jeans, jumpsuits and great leather jacket – incidentally provided happy times with superlässigem animal print or a cheerful floral pattern…

As theme “Vintage Campus” united then again all the little fashion victims, here Pieces dominate with retro flair, for example, in a trendy college style. And also color Retour Denim Deluxe offers the whole spectrum: from soft shades to bright neon colors in this collection is truly more.

I think this label is worth a lot more attention, because here is her original clothing pieces that make a lot of fun with high wearing comfort.

Cakewalk spring summer 2013

The summer 2013 collection of Dutch children’s label Cakewalk is an explosion of retro styles, bright bold colors and prints, awaken the wanderlust. Come a little bit closer…

I must admit, I am enchanted by the latest collection of Cakewalk. The iconic label for children’s fashion from Holland presents his new looks entirely under the motto, Vintage ‘ – the America of the 50s and the tiki influence of the 60s. The result is two ” Fun in the Sun ” topics that provide instant good mood, namely large and small fashion victims! T -shirts, tops, tunics, cardigans, pants, shorts, summer dresses, jackets, swimwear… Here, little fashionistas can fully clothed once!

The America of the 50s is considered as the inspiration for many collections. No wonder, the soft pastel tones of the ice cream shops, candy shops and diners with all her loving decoration are ultimately very inspiring. That’s why can be found in the Cakewalk collection of pants, T -shirts, tunics, dresses, skirts undundund for little girls mainly appealing Candy Colours such as mint green, light blue, pale yellow, pink and peach. Colors that are as easy as Seesucker -like fabric made of cotton, satin and a touch of spandex on which they are allowed to romp. The floral prints from XS to XL – format to ensure the final for a nostalgic charm that no one can escape.

An effect I also noticed at the Tiki theme. Too sweet are the hula and beach motifs – inspired by the 60s – that adorn socks to underwear to outerwear and accessories everything can be decorated. Pineapple prints, palm trees, flowers… This line of Cakewalk collection provides acute wanderlust – and the girls from 0 to 12 years. And of course, at their moms. The secret is the combination of adorable styles, but not kitschy, but the finest details and accents of yesteryear interpret new and thus provide a really cool twist. Which is precisely right for fashion-conscious girls who know what they (put) want!

Amarilla towels for children

We are very proud that we are giving away 2 beautiful Amarilla towels in our prize draw to Frohtag.de. Here you will read the great story about these colorful towels.


Designed by a Panamanian artists hail from the motives of the rain forest of Panama and reflect the joy of life and positive energy of the natives resist, for which they are made.

The colorful, shimmering colors and their contrast, but at the same time harmonious cooperation are part of their tradition – and therefore timeless. The colorful fabrics are imported from amarilla directly from Panama and refined with the latest stylish details. Thus the amarilla Panama cloth draws ® by the fascinating interplay of tradition and zeitgeist.

The claim of the rainforest

In the rain forest of Panama are the properties of synthetic fiber that are best suited to the circumstances of the natives: the fabric is durable, wrinkle resistant, light-and weather -resistant and can also be seen after washing in the river at its best, color-intensive page. The high print quality of the fiber at the same time ensures the spectacular color brilliance and clarity of the substances.

Despite his resistance, the Panama cloth is characterized by ease and very comfortable to wear.

Two collections a year. Every year about two collections are designed consisting of two to four scene – lines in Panama. From these, the amarilla collections are created in Germany.