We are very proud that we are giving away 2 beautiful Amarilla towels in our prize draw to Frohtag.de. Here you will read the great story about these colorful towels.


Designed by a Panamanian artists hail from the motives of the rain forest of Panama and reflect the joy of life and positive energy of the natives resist, for which they are made.

The colorful, shimmering colors and their contrast, but at the same time harmonious cooperation are part of their tradition – and therefore timeless. The colorful fabrics are imported from amarilla directly from Panama and refined with the latest stylish details. Thus the amarilla Panama cloth draws ® by the fascinating interplay of tradition and zeitgeist.

The claim of the rainforest

In the rain forest of Panama are the properties of synthetic fiber that are best suited to the circumstances of the natives: the fabric is durable, wrinkle resistant, light-and weather -resistant and can also be seen after washing in the river at its best, color-intensive page. The high print quality of the fiber at the same time ensures the spectacular color brilliance and clarity of the substances.

Despite his resistance, the Panama cloth is characterized by ease and very comfortable to wear.

Two collections a year. Every year about two collections are designed consisting of two to four scene – lines in Panama. From these, the amarilla collections are created in Germany.